Launch Campaign – Day 1

The launch campaign team is now on site at Esrange Space Center in Kiruna, Sweden. It is good to see all the other REXUS 21/22 teams gathered here together.

Once again SALACIA is in our possession, after a two month separation period. The first item on the to-do list was to confirm that the experiment was still functioning as it should, and after working through some minor hindrances, it seems to be operating properly.

Taking pictures is of course also of highest importance!

The Church – the workplace for all REXUS 21/22 teams during the launch campaign.

The instrument has been reunited with the SALACIA team for some last preparation before flight.

Removal of the instrument from the rocket module by Viktor, Matej and Álvaro.

Frej performing a beep-test, checking the electrical connections.

Martin and Daniel performing measurements on the perchlorates (here the calciumperchlorate).

Viktor is checking the electronics.

Viktor’s point of view. This is our large electronics box, containing five computers and the motherboard.