Launch Campaign – Day 3

Greetings people,

Time goes by fast when you have fun (and when you work hard 😉 )!

Yesterday we had the benchtest in Kiruna where all the teams on REXUS21 integrated their experiment to perform communication tests and to see that everything was working as expected when running all the experiments are at the same time together with the servicemodule.

After the benchtest we were ready for the hot- and cold flight simumlation. The cold flight sim is very similiar to the bench-test except that we are following the real countdown time of the launch, meaning that we start at T-600 and continue counting down to T+600, sending and recieving all the signals as planned during that time.

However, during the hot flight sim all the experiments are mechanically mounted together and, not only connected to the service module, but also to the recovery module. At this point all the ejecting systems and pyrotechnics are also tested. Thankfully all the instruments on REXUS21 passed all the three tests! Yaay ^^

After the hot flight sim all the teams got their experiments back for final preparation before returning it in the arms of the organizers.
Next thing to prepare for is the system check and motormating, which for us means that we will fill our vessels with the perchlorates and then leave the experiment for mechanically mounting of the payload and motor (the point of no return).

Below are some nice pictures from the tests. Enjoy 😀