Our Experiment

The water cycle on Mars is not completely understood but it might be similar to the situation shown below.

Credits: Martin-Torres & Zorzano

The soil on Mars has been studied extensively and measurements indicate that certain salts known as perchlorate might be present in the soil on Mars and this i

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Our Team


The work with the SALACIA project begun during the summer of 2015 with the recruitment of interested students and gathering of ideas. A few months later the project had been decided and the proposal submitted to the Rexus/Bexus committee.

Based in the northern Swedish town of Kiruna we are group of dedicated team members who work on this project. You can read m

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The REXUS/BEXUS programme is realised under a bilateral Agency Agreement between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB). The Swedish share of the payload has been made available to students from other European countries through a collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA).
REXUS/BEXUS thus gives students from universities across E

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The SALACIA project

The SALACIA project is a Rexus/Bexus project developed by students in Kiruna, Sweden. On this website you can find all the information about our project and follow our blog for updates

Our Experiment Information about our experiment

We propose to send perchlorates on a Rexus mission in order to examine how the salts behave during launch and in a low pressure atmosphere.Read More >

Rexus/BexusInformation about Rexus/Bexus

Rexus/Bexus gives students from universities across Europe the possibility to do scientific and technological research on rockets or balloons. Read More >

Our Team Information about the SALACIA team

We are 16 people working with the SALACIA project and we live and study in Kiruna in northern Sweden.Read More >

SALACIA in the news

Read more about Jonah Ekelund, SALACIA and his thoughts on the space industry in the following article by Vimmerby tidning. http://www.vimmerbytidning.se/nyheter/vimmerby/jonah-bidrar-till-framtida-mars-resor-20160620/ (In Swedish)

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The CDR and the remaining work

Again, team SALACIA returns with some more stories for all the space enthusiasts who are following our project. This time it’s about our CDR presentation that took place during the 20th to the 22nd of June and the events following that. A troop of brave team members ventured down to the DLR facilities located in […]

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How SALACIA visited an explosives factory

What would you do if someone held about 1 kg of explosives in an open container in front of you and then turned it upside down? This was the very situation several of SALACIAs members found themselves in on Friday, May 29. We got invited to visit LKAB Kimit, producers and suppliers of the explosives […]

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Our First Vacuum Test!

My fellow space enthusiasts, To perform our experiment, we must be sure that no part will break under the extreme conditions of space. Therefore I’m glad to say that we’ve officially performed our first vacuum test on one of our parts, namely the camera. The point of this test was to make sure that our camera […]

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Preparing for the CDR

Greetings fellow space enthusiast, long time no see! Last time we wrote here were in late February at the Student Training Week an boy have we done much after that, perhaps not here on the blog but behind the curtains ;D First we worked with the feedback from the PDR review and finished that, during […]

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Student Training Week

One week has passed since the student training week (STW) finished, a lot of things learned and an approved preliminary design.   The student training week is a week where all REXUS/BEXUS teams are invited to come to SSC, Esrange Space Center in Kiruna and have their PDRs (Preliminary design review). During the PDR each […]

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SALACIA accepted for REXUS 21/22!

It is our great pleasure to announce that our experiment, SAline Liquids And Conductivity In the Atmosphere (SALACIA), has been selected to fly on a sounding rocket in early 2017! Out of 14 prospective REXUS and BEXUS teams on the SNSB/ESA selection workshop at ESTEC, 9 have been chosen for flight. The teams selected by SNSB/ESA and […]

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Goodbye Padova

During the following days, our team member Daniel Nilsson will cover his time at the SSAS which will take place December 9-12.  Greetings! The symposium has now ended and after a successful presentation of the SALACIA mission I am now on my way back to Sweden. Yesterday they organized a tour of Padova where they showed us […]

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Presentation at the Symposium on Space Educational Activities

During the following days, our team member Daniel Nilsson will cover his time at the SSAS which will take place December 9-12. Greetings! I have now presented the SALACIA project during the Symposium on Space Educational Activities. The presentation went well and the mission seems to have been of interest for the audience and I also got […]

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